The Story

A hand-me-down acoustic guitar, a handful of records, and a overactive imagination is how this story begins. His two passions as a child were music and the guitar. It wasn’t uncommon for hours to pass and the evening come to an end unnoticed. It wasn’t until he got a bit older that he discovered his third passion…..performing for a live audience. The excitement in the air was electric, the hum of the amplifiers was hypnotic. The pick hits the strings with impact and the night was off. Singing till the sun has long since faded….he was home. Years later, Kurt Krezanski, or “KK” as the locals call him, is a staple in the music community. Adept at several musical styles have made him the go to guy in his home town.

KK has been writing, recording, and playing shows with the band “Four Mile Road” for several years, until recently deciding to embark on a solo career of his own.
Country music and classic rock, his two favorites, are the styles he’s drawing his influences for his new project. The sound is being molded by his band “The Dirty Scotch Boys”.

The current setlist consists of some originals such as, “Hell Fired Up”, adventures of a softail rider on the west coast, "Looking West & Feeling Wild" living in the moment, “Assembly Required”, his take on a broken relationship and his inability to repair it. “Leaving Today”, a song based on starting over and "Almost Beautiful" a distorted perception of a new relationship. Included are a couple of tunes from his favorite artists that he pays homage to, as well as his take on some traditional classics.

KK & the Dirty Scotch Boys will be heading your way. Come out and have some fun with the band. Don’t make him come get you ;-)