New Project for 2017

"Golden Road" A Tribute To Keith Urban

Keith Urban is still one of Country music’s hottest artists who continues to top the charts with singles off every studio album he records. The fact that he is still releasing new material makes this the perfect tribute artist to cover as it allows the show to keep evolving. 

Guitar player/singer Kurt Krezanski, more commonly referred to as “KK” on the local music scene has always had a deep admiration for Urban’s talents as a performer, player, singer and songwriter. KK has also been told countless times that he and Keith Urban bear an uncanny physical resemblance, but they also coincidently have similar playing styles and stage mannerisms. 

However, the similarities don’t end there. Both Keith and KK had many of the same musical influences growing up and owned many of the same guitars. And, remarkably as children, they learned the same first song on guitar, “House of the Rising Sun”. 

Although Keith Urban is known as an exceptional talent, KK is also a formidable talent in his own right, having played for Streetheart, Canadian Idol Jaydee Bixby, as well as several theater shows. He has also toured across Canada with various acts and has had a residency in the U.S. backing up some of the biggest names in the Tribute Show circuit. 

His talent, combined with his experience and professionalism makes him the perfect artist to cover Keith Urban. “Golden Road” promises to provide fans with the ultimate Keith Urban experience.